Our mission at MassLights Sacramentals is not only to bring you beautiful rosaries and chaplet bracelets worthy of being handed down from generation to generation, but also to incorporate all things Catholic into our designs. We are on a mission to help our fellow Catholics practice their Catholicism on a more devout level, from faithfully and frequently turning to the sacraments, to fulfilling those everyday duties that make us uniquely Catholic.  Our rosaries and chaplets are thoughtfully designed to express the beauty in the Catholic Church's teachings, traditions, and in the writings of Her many saints. 

We choose materials that we feel take on special qualities when they come into contact with light, particularly that special type of light so often found in Catholic churches. Whether that unique light is produced by the candles, the stained glass, or the vaulted ceilings, somehow it sets off our rosaries and rosary bracelets, seemingly transforming them to a whole new level of transcendence. It is just enough to make you want to take your devotional to Mass so that you might linger afterward to pray on it, while still fresh from Communion. Such hopes go into every MassLights design. Included with each Sacramental is the story, devotion, or teaching that inspired its design.

We have chosen Saint Teresa of Avila as our patron saint, inspired by her vision of Christ, which she recorded in her memoirs:
"Once while I was holding the cross in my hand, for I was praying the rosary, He took it from me with His own hands; when He gave it back to me, it was made of four large stones incomparably more precious than diamonds - there is no comparison for supernatural things. A diamond seems to be something counterfeit and imperfect when compared with the precious stones that are seen there. The representation of the five wounds was of very delicate workmanship. He told me that from then on I would see the cross in that way; and so it happened, for I didn't see the wood from which it was made but these stones. No one, however, saw this except me."

Inspired by this vision, we established MassLights Sacramentals in a venture to bring back the rosary as the beautiful work-of-art that it once was in ages past. We strive to recapture the transcendence of the symbol-laden rosaries of old.

St. Teresa of Avila